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In 2021, Popsicolo was founded around the sole idea of spreading joy to the community by providing ice cream at local parks, parties, team-building, and other private events. However, this community consists not only of the residents that live in it, but also the numerous businesses that provide goods, services, and jobs, allowing the community to grow and prosper. This is why we turned our focus towards finding solutions to help these businesses expand their current operations by providing unique marketing strategies.


By combining our two fundamental principles, Popsicolo has partnered with the Alpharetta Recreation, Parks, and Culture in order to launch the “Spontaneous Smiles” program, in which we hand out free ice-cream in the parks to enhance parkgoers' experiences, sponsored by local businesses. Every day at the parks, Popsicolo comes into contact with hundreds of potential clients for your business. Fliers and billboards are quickly forgotten by viewers - what really will make an impact on a potential client is the personal connection that Popsicolo team members make every time they hand out a free ice cream.


When you choose to sponsor the “Spontaneous Smiles” program, with every ice cream handed out, alongside your business cards, our very friendly Popsicolo team members will say a specially designed phrase which prompts curiosity and answers any questions that potential clients may have about your business. Your logo will be posted on our ice cream carts, our website, and all our social media platforms in order to get the maximum exposure of what your business stands for. On top of this, a partnership with Popsicolo means that your business will be working with the local government, as each sponsorship is treated as a grant which flows through the city of Alpharetta.


As a sponsor, we are here for your benefit. We love to discuss new ideas with our sponsors, so the current benefits that you will receive very well may increase over the course of the sponsorship as we constantly find new solutions to make your brand stand out. Any and all additional marketing requests on your behalf will be executed to the highest possible degree of performance. If you are further interested in what other services we provide, please contact us and we would love to schedule a meeting to further discuss any details.


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